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About «A&R Dispatch»

A&R Dispatch is affordable and reliable car hauler dispatch service. We are bright standout among other dispatch companies. Our team of induvial dispatchers does things right, response to your needs immediately, and gives you some of the most exciting opportunities anywhere.


Our dispatchers are fully dedicated, trained and involved to the process. Most other companies pay their people by the hour. Our dispatchers work on commission. They get paid more when our owner operators earn more. We do not force dispatch and build route around your own schedule and location. You decide what is better for you!


In A&R, dispatchers work their hardest to make sure you have everything you need, your trip is smooth from beginning to end, and you're making the kind of money you want to grow your business and get ahead. Owner operators enjoy the personalized 24/7 service that makes your business easier and more productive.

We are ready to tackle any task, ensuring a stable workload of your drivers. Contact us to learn more about our employees, company or services provided.

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